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The house as an emotional place

Drawing from the past without nostalgia and creating a Timeless collection, living in the present. The house becomes an emotional experience. 

The soft and elegant colours of the FW21-22 collection by Society Limonta dress the home with the typical atmosphere of the old days. Textile, fashion and interior design are interconnected in a journey exploring style and matter.

How to participate safely

Free entrance for a limited number of people (6 max) 
The use of mask is required

Activities schedule

September 4
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 5
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 6
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 7
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 8
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 9
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 10
10:30 — 19:30 Exhibition

Attention, please! The access to the places indicated in the map is managed and regulated by each individual brand by the existing rules.
Brera Design District and Studiolabo are thus not responsible for the management of people flow and access to any of those places.

& companies

Beatrice Rossetti Studio

Beatrice Rossetti is an interior stylist and consultant for Society Limonta's creative team. She designs the Ceramics collection and cooperates to the textile products.

+39 02 36563673

Martina Geroni

Always devoted to the Environment, Martina Geroni mediates a dialogue with Architecture. As a creative artisan: she imagines and creates useful and multifunctional everyday objects with clean and neat shapes.

Society Limonta

Society Limonta is the Italian brand revolutionising household linen with a 'design' twist that dresses up your home with quality and care, creating infinite combinations of refined and natural materials.

Storie Design Studio

Founded in 2020 by Chiara Mauri and Andrea Randazzo, Storie Design Studio describes its projects as “narrative voices” telling stories and transferring concepts and values to the daily life.

+ 39 345 63 21 893 - + 39 340 32 70 166


Society Limonta
Via Palermo 1, Milano