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Insula delle Rose is a showroom in the heart of Brera, a place of meeting where the dreams of the clients can be realized with a custom made philosophy aimed to the creation of the most ambitious projects. Important goal that becomes possible thanks to consolidated partners like Altamarea, Arthesi, Bath&Baths, Duscholux, Graziano, Neve and Relax Design, and temporary brands as Castelatto, Lignum Venetia and Spaghettiwall. Every creation is unique as the relationship between the person and its home.

How to participate safely

The event is open to everyone, however the Green Pass is mandatory and people should wear a mask inside the showroom spaces. The interior spaces have a maximum capacity of 10 people per level in order to respect the safety distances against the spread of Covid.

Activities schedule

September 4
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
September 5
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
September 6
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
10:30 — 20:00 Press preview - Press day by International Press Office -Rota&Jorfida
14:00 — 16:00 Conference - Interview to Luciano Garofalo, CEO of Relax Design, by Giorgio Tartaro
September 7
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
September 8
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
September 9
10:30 — 20:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public
September 10
10:30 — 18:00 Exhibition - Showroom open to public

Attention, please! The access to the places indicated in the map is managed and regulated by each individual brand by the existing rules.
Brera Design District and Studiolabo are thus not responsible for the management of people flow and access to any of those places.

& companies


Altamarea is a brand of bathroom design and it's recognised by the impassioned and endless search for the uniqueness and for the interest in new materials, precious and original, that transform the bathroom furniture in an exclusive product of the handcrafted know-how totally made in Italy.


Since 1979 ARTHESI studio designs, builds and places exclusive kitchens of high level, entirely custom made in the exclusive studio in Vicenza.

+39 02 82 947 267


The need for Classic is the key to understand the kind of atmosphere in which we are immersing ourselves more and more. Classic not as sentimentality and restoration of tradition, but as a more subtle inspiration which underlies the search for rules, durable references and positive awareness.


The tickness, the matter, the irregularity of Castelatto surfaces testify the craftmanship of a handmade product. Created with technologies supported with avant-garde industrial systems, it remains essentially traditional and trasforms each product in an unical one.


A world's leading shower enclosure manufacturer, and recommended company for modern and customized projects for the bathroom. Great variety of solutions, first-class service and added value for shower and bathroom experiences without equals.


The heat of your house is at the center of our thoughts, since always. Our radiant systems are the hi-tech result of last generation at high performance. For this reason at the base of our projects there are aesthetical precision, creative passion and incentive to innovation.



The Lignum Venetia product is requested by a very selective customer who perceives the values and emotions of the wooden essences, in addition to the craftsmanship and manual workmanship; this product want to recreate the link with nature that leads back to the pleasure of calmness.


Since 1956 Neve is an italian manufacturer of design, and produces endless solutions for mixers, valves, showers and bath tubs. We offer the possibility to combine each item with any other in order to allow architechts, interior designers and even private customers to make their ideas become true.


Relax Design® is a company specialized in the production and supply of accessories for the bathroom with a contemporary design. In Relax Design®, well-being means culture.


Between Interior design and technological innovation, Spaghetti Wallpapers are the expression of a new way of conceiving domestic and collective spaces: in the sign of freedom, creativity and change. With a completely internal process, every graphic is transformed into a tailor-made project


Dutch company that has developed the product of the same name, it's a special panel that is installed inside the shower or hammam and that gives in a few minutes all the well-being of the effect of Sun.


Insula delle Rose
Via Goito 3, Milano