Brera Design District

Keep your hands clean!

Lineabeta by Samo presents Fóra by JoeVelluto

Lineabeta by Samo presents special hand sanitization points for public use: the new Fóra washbasins designed by JoeVelluto and made of post-consumer material deriving from urban waste. Designed for indoor and outdoor use and to interact in a versatile way with the surrounding space, the Fóra washbasins are characterized by a freestanding totemic structure, with a central hand-washing area and a side area with double storage compartment, which when used in outdoor spaces turns into a flowerpot. The Fóra washbasins are proposed in various shades obtained thanks to minimal pigment percentages, with delicate colors that blend with the textured and dotted surface of the structure.

Where you can find us: 
Via Brera 19 
Corso Garibaldi 118 angolo piazza XXV Aprile 
Corso Garibaldi fronte civico 95 
Via Solferino angolo Via della Moscova 
Via Formentini angolo Via Madonnina 

Photo credits: Riccardo Urnato Fotografo

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