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What does street art have to do with design?

Design and street art, Airnova's Italian domestic landscape.
In via Fiori Chiari the furnishings of Airnova company, excellence in manufacturing of leather, interact with the irreverent tears of TvBoy.

Design e street art for the new italian domestic landscape. For the FuoriSalone 2021 Airnova stages, in the heart of Brera, Naturalis Artificium, the second episode of four domestic scenarios searching for a new Italian domestic landscape, developed by art director Gian Paolo Venier and the street artist TvBoy.
For Naturalis Artificium, Airnova chose to create a dialogue with TVBoy as it already did in June for the first episode of the landscape development, called Il risveglio.
TvBoy is the artist who most of all succeeded to make street art the irreverent timeline of international news. TvBoy’s art, expertly distributed in the location in via Fiori Chiari, together with the design of Airnova, define the new Italian domestic landscape: a mix of research, well-being and timeless elegance.

The expertise of Airnova in the manufacturing of leather, a process in which the company has always excelled, allowed the designers Stefano Grassi and Claudio Bellini, authors of the Sofa collection, the Sellarius seats and Libro coffee tables, to design sophisticated furnishings, totally made in Italy.Products in which the Tuscan full grain leather is an architectural, comfortable and sensory experience, all at the same time.

Activities schedule

September 4
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 5
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 6
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 7
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 8
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 9
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition
September 10
10:00 — 19:30 Exhibition

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Airnova: Italian Domestic Landscape - Ours is a history of research and attention to details, spanning over 30 years of skillful leather craftmanship, with a wide furnishings production a strong Italian identity, guarantee of quality with innovative design.



Airnova Fiorichiari
Via Fiori Chiari 24, Milano